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We needed a home designed to suit the land, views, and environment. We approached Latemore Design to help us create our dream home. “Wow” – do these guys know their stuff. From the outset, we were advised that it was Latemore Design’s intention to create a design that was the result of our needs, thoughts and ideas. They impressed upon us that it was to be a home for us to enjoy. We like the little extras in the originally designed cottage, since extended again with the Latemore Design touch, such as a huge pantry in the kitchen, a front and rear deck of significant proportions to again benefit from the natural elements. Latemore Design attended to each area of the design to ensure the completed home was not only unique from a design perspective, but also ensured that the final outcome exceeded our expectations. The home is positioned to reap the benefits of the magnificent views available, while also ensuring we receive the summer and winter benefits available to us in this wonderful location. Their ability to maximise the use of the space available ensured “quaint” areas to compliment the unique style of our home. 1.2metre overhangs that not only complement the aesthetic view of the home, but are highly practical in the Queensland environment, not to mention being able to leave our double-hung windows open in all but the most vicious storm. The detail in the plans developed for us by Latemore Design ensured that the builder found little that required additional instructions, and it was easy for the builder to understand what the designers were planning to achieve. The process that we went through initially with Peter for the “cottage” and subsequently with Peter and his other designers for the extension, made us realise that we would have been quite silly to attempt this process without the Latemore support. Since firstly the cottage and now the extended home has been completed we have had only favourable comments regarding our piece of paradise. Sure, the builder and the finishing tradespeople have shown the home to be of high quality. But without that initial and subsequent design, the home would not be the standout it is – the “big” blue house in Meadow Road (as opposed to the “little” blue house as it was known in its cottage days). Thanks Peter – Thanks Latemore Design.
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