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Latemore Design | What is a Building Designer
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What is a Building Designer?


The simple answer is – We Design Buildings!


The term building designer is a generic term for any building professional who ‘designs’ buildings or elements of them. This incorporates Building Designers, Architects, many Engineers & other specialist designers. When operators in Queensland, like Peter Latemore, who were documenting buildings before 1990, agitated for recognition, the Queensland Government licensed us along with introducing licenses for builders & tradies.


“What’s the difference between a Building Designer and an Architect?”


As per BDQ (Building Design Qld):

In Queensland there is no difference in the work that can be done by a Building Designer as opposed to an Architect. There are some differences in education and regulation between the professions but these make little difference to their work output. A Building Designer must be licensed by the Queensland Building Services Authority at a level suitable for the type of work to be undertaken. BSA licensed building designers are recognised by the Queensland Government as professionals in this field.


As per Peter Latemore:

We all provide similar services in general, but there is some divergence, even amongst each profession. Building Designers tend to have smaller practices, many as sole operators, with a focus on design and documentation. Building Designers are known for ‘practical’ solutions to buildings, while many, like Latemore Design combine innovative design with that. As well, because building design practices are smaller and specialize, fees are commonly less than architects.


Most architects have medium to large firms concentrating on non-residential. Architects do deal with housing, but building designers control around 80% of the residential sector. Many architects lean towards the design and contract administration ends of projects, and have employees/contractors deal with documentation. More architects than building designers control interiors, fine detail etc and construction as part of the standard service, so this costs more. Latemore Design offers all these as options. The construction management (or site supervision), is something we find is not overly required as a good builder may negate it.


Inevitably Latemore Design is compared with architects due to our level of service. This is flattering. We do not believe in the easy habit of ‘knocking’ architects, and prefer to mesh with others in the industry to create an ever-improving built environment.


“Who can design buildings?”


As per BDQ:

For design and/or documentation you should only contract with a QBCC licensed Building Designer or a Board Registered Architect. It’s your choice. Others who offer to do design or documentation work, are working illegally and this may jeopardize the chance of your project gaining the required approvals.


Bit extra from Peter:

In addition, any builder can design and document their own projects. That is why project builders and some construction companies provide their own ‘drawings’. Quite a few employ Building Designers or Architects. This is also known as ‘Design & Construct’. Latemore Design has occasionally done something similar, by partnering with a builder.


“What does a Building Designer do?”


As per the slogan above, a building designer designs buildings. This ranges from a renovation, through residential, right up to a multi-storey commercial complex.


Latemore Design has a medium rise license, which means any building 3 stories high over a car park – essentially a lot of buildings. We design a broad spectrum – extensions & renos (both residential and commercial), new houses, duplexes, townhouses, units, small commercial & industrial. Not only do we design, but we document the building with comprehensive drawings. Plus we liaise the many consultants involved. Essentially we look after everything up to the builder collecting approved drawings from the certifier.


We design to ensure your building is comfortable, well laid out, energy efficient, and matching your brief. This includes your needs, budget, site conditions, resale, and maintenance. Our service is extensive and our brochure details the process extensively but here is a synopsis:


  • Site/Design Discussion.
  • Report and Proposal, then Contract.
  • Site investigation & Check Authority Requirements, plus liaising Soils Test and Surveyor.
  • Concept Design.
  • Sketch Design.
  • Design Development.
  • Budgeting and Modifications, plus liaising with builder.
  • DA Application (if required), plus liaising Town Planner and others.
  • Working Drawings, plus liaising other consultants, especially Engineer.
  • BA (Building Application) Submission & Deliberations.
  • Optional detailing.
  • Optional Site Supervision.


“What Next?”


Ask for a site or design consultation, when we will discuss your project in detail. This process is fully detailed in our brochure.


Ring us on 3356 9051, or email and we can chat.

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