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Meet Our Design Partners

We recommend these Design Partners, when needed, to work in conjunction with us.  They are not Consultants, as we do not manage their involvement.

You may engage them to assist in other areas of design other than our role as Building Designer & Head Consultant.  They have the expertise in these other design areas and you will obtain an even better result by using them.  We design in conjunction with them, with us concentrating on the building’s overall function, style and its spaces, while they ensure their specific zone of influence is well meshed with us.

If you engage them, we liaise as required, because we are well aware of their processes.  We charge a liaison fee, on hourly rates.  Look at the Brochure for lots more information.

Gatti Design
Interior Designers - Lena Gatti

Gatti Design helps us complete the big picture on the inside. As Building Designers, we create a building that works in its environment, with its spaces flowing well, and Gatti Design have all the Interior Design expertise that ensures the spaces really sing. The principal designer is Lena Gatti. If you engage Gatti Design, we work collaboratively with them, and supply our Revit file. If possible we prefer to liaise from sketch design or design development, but can still handle the influence during working drawings.

Lena . . .
Lena has in-depth experience in the residential housing sector working for the majority on period homes, Spanish Mission revival homes including some of Historical significance, Heritage listed properties, Mid Century and new build homes and units. Lena is especially gifted in spatial planning and joinery design showing knowledge and skill in Hamptons and various genres of styles. She has studied in both Interior Design and Building Design, so brings extensive knowledge of buildings and drawing skills into her interior work. Lena has worked with QUT for many years in the Mentoring Program of Interior Design students and Graduates. She has also lectured to students and the public on Interior Design.

PO Box 101,  Coorparoo  Q  4151

Lena Gatti   +61 404 649 773

Seed Landscapes
Landscape Architect - Paul Stein

Paul Stein helps us complete the big picture on the outside. As Building Designers we mostly concentrate on the building and its immediate external relationships, and Paul has all the skills to really tie the property together. If you use Seed Landscapes, we design in conjunction with Paul, right from the early stages of our process. Many times, Paul has had very direct influence on our buildings, as he can help us better relate the building's spaces to the exterior 'rooms'.
Paul has a strong interest in practical use of the whole site, and is especially good at selecting the best plant species for the environment and your level of gardening.
We have collaborated four times with Paul at home expos, and he is famous for introducing cow udder plants and chickens to the massive displays.

Paul is passionate about designing great external living areas. He has the highest professional qualifications in landscape architecture, and has extensive knowledge developed over twenty-five years.

Paul not only is a clever designer, but he has considerable practical experience as a Landscape Craftsman which gives him a unique perspective as a Landscape Architect. He has worked for some of the larger Landscape Architectural firms in Brisbane.

Paul is quite involved in the industry, being a board member of Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM), and a member of Australian Institute of Architects and Building Design Association of Queensland (BDAQ).
SEED Landscape Design is a small team to manage the design, admin, and implementation of each project.

PO Box 527,  Paddington QLD 4064

(07) 3217 6491