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Latemore Design | Fees
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We prefer to inform you about everything before you start, and this includes fees.


Initially we assess fees by using a percentage system, based on the value of the works.

Below is a graph showing this for :


Please note that an extra 0.5% is charged for projects requiring a DA (Development Application).


We also assess fees using an area rate.  Our residential projects are around $80/sqm.  For renovations this includes the existing building.


Site and Design Consultations are $240 per hour (+gst).  This is also the rate if we assist you on a design, which we often do.


We charge more than the average, spending more time on designing your building.  This follows our philosophy of designing well rather than just producing documentation.  Our philosophy is to design rigorously and create a building that responds well to the site and its many influences, along with your needs.


Fees in the graph exclude GST.


For more in-depth discussion on all types of projects, please check out page 8 & 9 of our Brochure.